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Need info on boat

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  • Need info on boat

    I’m looking at a pontoon. The motor is a 1973 115 Johnson power shift 2. Its mated to a I’d guess mid 80 20 foot horizon by premiere. It has a decent bunk trailer and the boat starts good but I haven’t had a chance to run it. The toons and floor are solid and the carpet is good but the interior is trashed from sitting outside. He’s asking 3800 and said he would take 3200. The guy knows knowing about the boat really said he’s had it for 2 years issue free. Is it a good buy? Are parts available for the motor? Is it a good motor? Thanks.

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    It's a 47 year old motor and about a 35 year old trashed toon. Good motor or not, 3200 bucks is too much, way too much.
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      Many new parts are available for the motor and E-BAY has a steady supply of stuff.-------I would really test / inspect the motor before handing over some gold for it.-----I believe that in the next few months there will be many good used boats on the market !!------Toys are the first to go in times like what may be coming to your area.---------COVID-19 specials will be everywhere !


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        I agree with the above comments. FWIW, about six years ago I bought a boat/motor/trailer in similar condition to what you describe for $1,500. By the time I replaced carpet, furniture, etc., I was in for about $5,000. .... Pontoon boats are mostly floating living rooms. It's the motor that makes or breaks the deal. Spending most of the boating season waiting for parts or someone who has time to work on it takes all the fun out of having one.


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          If "Power Shift" = electric shift, the motor is worthless even if it runs great. Resale on it = 0

          Look for forward, neutral, and reverse buttons on the controls. If they are there, you don't want that motor.