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Anyone have a 3.0 L mercruiser I/O on a 30’ + pontoon?

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  • Anyone have a 3.0 L mercruiser I/O on a 30’ + pontoon?

    Anyone have a 3.0 L mercruiser I/O on a 30’ + pontoon? I am looking to buy a used Tracker Party Hut or Party Cruiser pontoon boat but wondering if the 3.0L is enough engine to push a 33’ boat?

    thanks in advance

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    How fast and far do you want to push it? Will it move it from point A to point B? Sure! Will it be a speed demon? Nope. It is crank rated at 135HP and prop rated at 101HP.


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      One additional thing to look at and consider, I have yet to see a pontoon with an i/o that is designed with maintenance in mind. They are usually recessed in the floor and in very tight quarters, making winterization very difficult (accessing the block drain) and some even designed where you need a child's arm with several u-joint ratchet attachments to even start to think about changing spark plugs.

      For example: Where do you think the 350mag s mounted on this vessel in relation to the deck of the boat?


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        agree with above... cant think of to many benefits of having an 3.0 sterndrive compared to a 4 stroke outboard..... ease of maintenance and winterizing hassle alone, outboard gets the nod..... scissor trailer in pic.... shaking thinking about trailering that anywhere..........
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