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New tubes for the frankentoon

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  • New tubes for the frankentoon

    I went from 20' long and 12" diameter to 22' long and 25" diameter that all started with a impulse craigslist buy on some long round shiney things. I have a bunk trailer so i slid the toon off the trailer on to saw horses and rented a scissor trailer to get it off the horses and on the ground so i could un bolt them raise it up a bit and slide them out and the new ones under. I used existing holes for the outside bracket bolts amd had to drill new holes for the inner ones. This part of the process took 1 day with 2 good helpers. I had to cut off 13" of the front deck due to an odd cross member placement on the original tubes. This way i had 2' spacing on all 9 remaining members and only 1 other needed to be relocated a few inches to be bolted securely. It looked like the tubes were set up for 16" spacing. So after i had all 10 of the original cross members bolted down and deciding to move the transom pod to a modern location with no inset whatsoever i had 6' of space to fill so i added 7 2x2x1/4" aluminum cross members to beef it up a little. This all adds about 300# to the weight. I gained 3 mph in most loads and conditions although 1 time with 2 other fat guys it was 1 mph slower. So tops out at 22 mph with 89 60 hp evinrude and just me. It has strakes on the insides full length and it seems to cut hard in the turns in a good way but they probably slow me down with the little motor. And i had to get creative trying to fit a 22' boat on a trailer barley big enough for a 20 footer. Let's see if i can get some pictures of the process posted i gotta figure out how to get them under the size limit.

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    you took the pics with your phone, so email them to yourself, which normally reduces the size. if you have a choice, pic 25%. then those reduced size pictures will be able to be uploaded.
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