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Sun Tracker Fit and Finish

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  • Sun Tracker Fit and Finish

    I recently purchased a 2019 Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 20 DLX. When purchasing and at delivery we noticed wrinkles in the fence extrusion at the gates. In the excitement of a new boat we didn't really examine it closely until we had taken delivery and had it home at which point we found the problem at some point on every fence section. Some, much worse than others with some having sharp edges exposed. We have taken the boat back to the service center to remedy this and the poor installation of the changing room (one of the main features for choosing the boat). After a week we have had no news of what their remedy will be accept a phone call offering a gift card to Bass Pro. Something we feel is a bit insulting to "buy" us off. Since then "Crickets".

    First I would like to ask if anyone else has had this issue and what were the results or resolution. We have researched and looked at several other boats and did not see the issue but saw it on a couple of others at the dealership where we purchased ours. My thoughts are they had a large amount of these extrusions with the issue. Too much to scrap to they used it thinking that no one would find issue with it.

    We have taken the boat out several time and truly love the performance, ride and economy but we are really wanting the fence replaced as this is our final (after many boats including a 33' cruiser) and fit and finish are important to us. I know this is not the most expensive pontoon on the market but I would think Sun Tracker would want a quality product representing their name.

    Let me know your thoughts and/or your experiences.

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    Keep calling them and go in person if needed. They should make it right or take it back if they can't fix it. I bought a lowe john boat a while back and the i noticed when i got home and it dried off that the floor coating was bubbling up in a few places. And after a little back and forth with pictures and finally bringing it in for them to see they offered to either wait until fall and send it back to lowe to get redone or give me a $500 gift card. I chose the card since it was a $300 upgrade to begin with and i didn't have to un rig the boat to send it back. I popped The bubbles and they never got worse or showed much at all in most lightning.
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      They have already offered the gift card but I am more interested in a good boat with decent fit and finish. They already have the boat and today agreed to replace the fence but it's going to take 8 weeks Ridiculous. They build a boat in hours (which may be the issue) The boat really should not have left the factory in this condition. In hind sight, I should have looked the boat over closer at delivery and refused. As they say hind sight is 20/20.

      We boat all year if nothing freezes but I guess not this year.


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        On ours the springs that hold the back seat up for storage both broke and the livewell pump that is mounted on the port side log broke off. I did fix the pump myself drilled the rivets out and put screws and washers and lock nuts. But the fencing was all good. We did order the front bimini but had to be made all paid for just waiting for it to come in then I will deal with the replacement springs. Other than that love the pontoon.


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          Stay after the dealer and if need be go to the manufacturer for resolution.

          After that...good luck as the fit/finish on anything sold at an outdoor chain store leaves alot to be desired when it comes to fit/finish.
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