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Is Shark hyde still the prefered polished toon coating?

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  • Is Shark hyde still the prefered polished toon coating?

    I polished my old pontoon boat and applied Shark hyde for our use (sits on a hoist and inside storage 6 months of the year) it lasted fairly long. I would guess 6 years. My current 2007 was polished and had shark hyde applied when it was new. This one was barely used and always warehouse kept. I am now re polishing these as I had to leave it on a mooring last year which stripped all the shark hyde off below the water line. There are cleaning up quickly. My question. Is shark hyde still the go to product?

    On a related topic. The guy doing the toons for me used to work at an Airstream refurbishing company. He uses a product called NuShine II S. This stuff is amazing. Anyway when they get done the Airstreams they polish them and that is it no coating goes on them. Seems to me I have seen tons of these on the road that all still shine pretty nice. Why do we have to coat our toons? I can see if the boat sits in the water all the time but if it only sees water for a few hours a day on the days it is used would it still need to be coated? Anyone with any experience in polishing and just leaving them?


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    NuShine is a wax, so that us the coating itself. I use it when tumbling my brass for reloading. I use it in the media. It shines them and also kind of keeps a light coating on them to keep them from tarnishing as fast. I would assume it to do the same with the AL.