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V-Keel RIB vs Tunnel-Hull speed boat

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  • V-Keel RIB vs Tunnel-Hull speed boat

    I would like to know the performance difference between a rigid with a deep V hull and an xcat catamaran.

    Assuming the same engine and boat length, which one is faster, which turns better?

    Example v-hull rib:

    Example xcat tunnel hull:

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    Re: V-Keel RIB vs Tunnel-Hull speed boat

    Hard to tell, if both same lenght/engine boats are well inflated to their recommended working pressure, would be inclined for the tunnel cat better wot speed, some boaters states that turn better in tight turns than sibs, don't know compared to ribs or read anything related.

    Personally, if family oriented would go for the Mercury, much better well equipped rib than the tunnel cat brand, with service stations and unmatched warranty. The cat, for racing in terms of water handling and going near extreme. For sure, Deejaycee must have a decent tech answer for this tricky post.

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      Re: V-Keel RIB vs Tunnel-Hull speed boat

      Well the xcat is hands down must faster and can turn on a dime and is definitely the type of boat that you have more control over .....

      So it all depends on what you wanto use the boat for, because with a xcat towing toys and skiing is not ideal, where you can do more with the rib ...

      the reason why the xcat is faster is because the surface it runs on is much less than that of the rib and it uses wind under the tunnel to give it lift and therefor it is much faster ... the less drag in the water the faster it goes ... the rib is more a recreational boat and take more people, where the xcat can only perform well with max 2 people ....

      What you wanto do though?