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Seahawk floor valve problem

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  • Seahawk floor valve problem

    Good day, good iboats people...

    I just bought a Seahawk 4 online and it has a problem with the floor valve: there is a small piece of material at the bottom of the main inflation valve that prevents the little flapper valve from closing properly when the inflation nozzle is removed.

    I know these little flapper valves don't completely seal the main valve but, as it is, it lets out more air than normal, especially when the floor is at full pressure. The main valve seems to hold air okay when the plug is in.

    My question is: is this a real problem in the real world? Should I send the boat back????

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Does it hold air once sealed? I don't have the same boat but I think my floor has a similar valve. I just take the pump out and close it tight as fast as possible. I don't really expect much from the flapper valve.