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Motor mounting cart

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  • Motor mounting cart

    Sure this has been brought up before. I'm looking for a cart to move the motor from the cart to the transom of my Zodiac 340 solid. The new 15 hp Merc weights 100 lbs..a little heavy for this 70 year old..just wondering if there was something on the market or DYI.

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    plenty of wheeled outboard carts



    here is a link to build one https://forums.iboats.com/forum/boat...-instructional
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      Get yourself a trailer if that 340 is a hard hull inflatable, that way the engine will live permanently bolted on transom and forget all about putting it on and taking it out each time the inflatable will be used. Your back will thank you eternally..

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        I have seen a cart/rack that will hold the motor, from the back of the motor.
        Believe it was custom made.
        Clamped onto the motor and lifted it, then they just wheeled it away.

        It was something like the photo below, but taller.

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          Were you talking about a movable engine cart, or a way to get it off the cart and on to the transom? Those are different situations...
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            I had to make a custom cradle and use a scissor lift table. Works slick as snot. I store the engine on the scissor lift. Been using this system for 8 seasons and saves my back for sure. And no I don't use a boat trailer either I use those dollies you see. They float. Truck pulls the whole thing up the ramp out of the water. Once I get the boat in the parking lot I tear it down and place it on one dolly and roll it into trailer. I only use my RIB in Lake Superior and that's 150 miles away so when I do take it out it's for at least a week.


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              Hey black Rat, is that second landing by Ashland?
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                Yes...Little Sand Bay, National Park Service. Got 19 nights there last year. I hear the tall ships coming again in August. I might try to chase for pics again, hopefully they will be under full sail.


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                  Thought that landing looked to familiar. I work at the Washburn marina, across the bay from there. A couple years back one of the tall ships moored out at the marina a couple days.. Got a tour of it. Went out in the boat and saw one by the islands up close under partial sail, Impressive!
                  If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.


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                    Yes...we've talked before. I couldn't find my old profile or password. I was "Packrat" I think. Made a new profile.