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Shallow river inflatable advice

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  • Shallow river inflatable advice

    I'm looking for an inflatable with a power source to use as an alternative to a ~13' swiftwater raft for rivers with intermittant shallow sections.

    In most areas, these rivers are deep enough that an outboard works fine, but then has sections that are 1-1.5 feet deep and maybe the most basic type 1 rapids. The area is often used by tubers and kayakers.

    While normally much calmer, there was an instance where 6 people paddling upstream on the raft was only able to keep their station against the current

    Instead of the swiftwater raft, I was looking at the Saturn / aleko / bris type inflatables with aluminum floor and transom to mount a small outboard.

    It doesn't have to be fast, but being able to make at least walking-pace headway (3-4 mph) against a moderate current (faster than you'd want to simply hop out and walk it across) in the 1-1.5' sections is what I am curious about, with 2 or 3 people onboard.

    Is there an inflatable / motor combo out there that could fit the bill? Could I simply lower transom wheels into the water so they'd hit the bottom before the prop does?

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      Thank you! Will look into one of the ~13 foot ones and into some motors


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        If 2 strokes are still available, might look for a 15 HP, usually 9.9 & 15 weights exact same, a 15 will deliver more power when up current..

        Happy Boating

        Sea Rider 320, 380 Sibs, 450 Rib, 2 Strokes Tohatsu 5,18 & 30 HP Proud Smokers


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          You will need to fabricate a shallow water jackplate if you want to stand any chance against a current in a shallow river. Maybe a design like this will give you some ideas.


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            OK Boyz.... can you say MUD MOTOR??? (Mud-Skipper) Sometimes called "Surface Drives" I am going to get one of these long-tail mud motors for my QuickSilver Inflatable. If I wasn't just a Cadet here or otherwise I would attach a pic. Maybe a link would do? I'll try to attach a link. (Sorry about the music, it's a little over the top.)
            Good luck with your quest!
            Glen in New Hampshire.
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