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Air pressure gauge broken or just flapper valve in the way?

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  • Air pressure gauge broken or just flapper valve in the way?

    Hello. So my boat model is a 2005ish 10ft Achillies with a PH screw in air valve. It's set up so that when to top cap is removed there is a rubber flapper valve that prevents any air from escaping while I insert the inflator tip. While inflating I noticed that the needle on the air pressure gauge for the footpump rattles around +/- 3psi when forcing air in (downstroke), but the PSI reading drops back down to zero when resting or on the upstroke. I use to think the gauge was broken but with that flapper valve in the way how in the world is it supposed to get a reading? Am I supposed to read the PSI on the downstroke only? The needle bounces erradically but I suppose it's better than guessing at the PSI.

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    Don't know that specific brand valve, in other types, the front hose connector which has an internal horizontsl pin maintains the tube valve's center pin always pressed at open position, will show same PSI reading while in the up or down stroke.

    Post a pic of valve showing flapper if possible.

    OTOH, pressure gauges don't lasts very long working in opt conditions, with time & use needle will tend to stick somewhere and not read accurately. Probably gauge it's already in kaputt land. Check with other gauge if possible to rule that out.

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      Thanks for the response. After some extensive research I finally came across manufacturer specs and yes you're only supposed to be able to get the reading on the down stroke. I didn't pay attention to it before because of the "erratic readings" but the needle only bounces from 0 to whatever the pressure is currently at.