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Nighttime Boating and Speed (continued with new thread)

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    It's too bad a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch , I still go out at night but I have to - keep alert , eyes peeled - and ears open - also ready to move quick if necessary,
    Bring rain gear !


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      I don't usually run at night but I have a cabin boat and find it very satisfying to find a quiet cove to
      anchor for the night. There's really nothing as calming for me.
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        Originally posted by poconojoe View Post
        Sometimes I think there should be licensing like driver's licensing for automobiles. We need more policing on the lake.
        In Missouri if you are born after Jan 1st 1984 you have to take a boater safety course to get a boaters license.

        Covers a lot of good info most of which you would think is common since. But common since ain't so common anymore.


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          Originally posted by Prophammer View Post
          I tend to steam ahead at about 5 knots in pure darkness (no radar) boats flying by on both sides like a one way street. I don't mind it, I have a good stern light and they can easily see me, I hold it steady, don't make any sudden moves, I don't get in a hurry, call me crazy, I like it !
          Kind of like riding a bicycle in the center lane of I-95 ?
          Medford, WI