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Youth life vest for 4 year old

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  • Youth life vest for 4 year old

    I searched here and came up with a couple posts but still have some questions.

    Sitting here in PA dreaming about boating while it's currently snowing out!

    We boat on lakes only. Thinking about this coming Summer and bringing our 4 year old grandson boating.
    Obviously he will be wearing the vest at all times.

    During my shopping online, I've read complaints about the single crotch strap type being uncomfortable to the point of giving the child a rash. I've seen the not-so famous named ones with two straps but I'm leary of buying a name I've never heard of.

    I've also seen ones that have a flotation pad behind the neck. That seems like a good idea.
    I'm thinking a vest should be good enough for the child to float their head above water without any assistance from anyone. You never know...

    And then there are different materials. Neoprene etc.

    So, what do all you parents/grandparents use for your little ones?

    Oh, and I'd be happy to contribute by purchasing said vest from our great iboats store!

    Thanks for all your ideas

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    I gave a 7 year old a 12' aluminum boat and motor.-----I insisted that he take swimming lessons well before this birthday surprise.


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      Being 4 and wouldn't get one with a crouch strap, recommend a neoprene that fits them. It may only last one year do to them growing. Do get them into swim class or teach them your self
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        We have a 4 year old and use a standard child life jacket with the crotch strap. We just don't make it super tight. It's tight enough where, if the kid is floating with it on, it's tight enough but not so tight that it's putting pressure in that area when she's just walking around with it on. Also, you could look at puddle jumper life jackets. You can find coast guard approved puddle jumpers and our kids preferred wearing those many times .


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          I thought 4 year olds float. Nonsense withstanding the best thing including a comfy PFD is swimming lessons. Teach them early before they have a fear of water.
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