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Eye opening water ski boat submerging at 34 MPH

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  • Eye opening water ski boat submerging at 34 MPH

    Yes it sure is tempting to throw out a few roll bar boat jokes but in all seriousness the sudden submerging seems OMG .

    Father and his son water skiing the slalom course. Driver was making adjustments to speed control got off course at the start. For unknown reason, at 34 MPH, the nose of the boat dove into the water instantly, submerged, then surfaced again. Boat ran over a rubber buoy which was attached by surgical tubing to the anchor below. When done, the buoy was missing but the bungee was still attached (unbroken) and anchor had not moved. No cables, ropes, or devices underwater anywhere in this lake.
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    Wow. That's a strange one. Either hit something hard with the drive, or.?
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      When the buoy got into the spinning prop / rudder the magic happened.


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        How in the heck could that have happened from just a small bouy and surgical tubing ? especially in the prop / rear end of the boat .

        It seems phyiscs wise , the force would have had to have come from the forward half of the boat to pull the bow down like that ....... scary.
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          I would say the buoy got into the prop.----That totally changed the way the prop behaved.-----Pushed the stern up !!


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            If you watch close, the bouy is pushed well clear of the boat off to the right.

            I've done exactly that with my jetboat, but it required throwing it into reverse and hitting the gas. I'm guessing that is exactly what happened here, either he panicked or accidentally bumped it. Even if the rope holding the bouy somehow held up, there is no way the anchor would have stayed in place.

            Watch this vid... Looks almost exactly the same.


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                Not sure how these folks could be smiling after such an episode !!------They should be checking their underwear !!


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                  The boat surfaces about 90 degrees to port. Something under water snared/deflected it. Or, maybe the intro from the movie Jaws should start about now...

                  The skier wasn't very experienced at running a Course, and neither was the boat driver. Won't be surprised if this wasn't a staged event, it was being videoed from a distance using a very long Lens. Insurance scam going on, perhaps/
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                    Computer generated perhaps.------That part of computers is way beyond my pay scale.-----I know of some friends that did NOT have a smile on their faces after the bow of my boat took 8" of water over the deck..