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Boat Accident on Des Moines River

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  • Boat Accident on Des Moines River

    A buddy of mine who I have had the pleasure of serving in the US Navy with, lives in Des Moines now. He has a houseboat, a runabout and a jon boat.

    3 days ago, the Buddy was boating on the Des Moines River headed upstream. He is still not sure what or how it happened but he went Dead in the Water. Engine Quit. Then he took a wave and boat was filling with water. He was swamped. Boat turned over, hit him in the back and head when he was thrown out. Everything that was in the boat, is now floating down the Des Moines River. Bill came to, grabbed the boat and managed to get it turned back over. Still had both his outboard and his trolling motor, and battery.

    Battery was dead, thinking because of the water. Bilge pump not working, Trolling motor not working, outboard dead. Bill is attempting to bail the water with a shoe since that is all he has.

    It proved to be a losing cause as he was approahing Mile Long Bridge.

    He had filed a float plan with his wife. After he was overdue, she notified the authorities, DNR launched a search and resuce mission for him. He abandoned his boat and started swimming towards shore when he was within range.

    His PFD was on and he swam for over 30 minutes to reach the shore. All in all, he was in the water for close to 8 hours.

    2 fishermen found his boat partially submierged several hours later and towed it to shore.

    Cold, wet, and tired but he survived the ordeal. His keys, cell phone and all other gear in the boat that wasnt tied down in now in Davy Jones' locker.

    Moral of the story, File a Float Plan, wear a PFD.

    This could easily have turned out to be a casualty and a recovery instead of a search and rescue.

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    Good advice! It only takes a few seconds for disaster to strike.
    If ya can't fix it with a hammer,ya got yourself an electrical problem.


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      Glade He's ok. Lesson learned for all
      The trouble with trouble is it starts as fun!