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1968 Shell Lake - Shakedown Cruise

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  • 1968 Shell Lake - Shakedown Cruise

    This weekend was my shakedown cruise for my 1968 Shell Lake / Lund 15' Tri Hull

    Here's the sales brochure from 1968 ---> File:Shelllakeb68016.jpg - Classic Boat Library

    Bought the boat last year in my search for a lightweight, stable boat to take to the Florida Keys. Had to find a motor first and I decided that to keep it in the right weight range, a Johnson 30HP was the most bang for the weight. I want to keep boat, motor and trailer weight around 600#. The boat still had the original controls that worked fine. I had to redo the cable and pulley steering and set up the new motor as well as repair the transom.

    Click image for larger version

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    The transom was of course a pain. I did it in a somewhat unconventional way. the bottom 6" of plywood was good and the outer skin was intact so I cut out everything from 6" up but leaving the outer skin and began laying up strips of dried PT wood cut into 1" x 1 1/2" strips. Each strip was bedded in epoxy and screwed with stainless screws into the wood below.I would do 2 or 3 strips a day then filling the 1/16" gap between wood and outer skin by pouring in epoxy. I was able to use wood that was warped and cut to make use of the curve. Then I glassed in the inner side and gel coated. Like a rock.

    The motor needed all the expected attention with cleaning the carb and changing out fuel lines and after several cleanings and a rebuild kit it sounded nice. I really like the cable pulley steering and I redid it with all attachments through-bolted for safety as well as new cable and a new wheel. Leaving the ramp for the first time and heading out with other boats coming in something seemed very wrong, I had crossed the cables for the steering and was going left when I wanted to go right. Oh well, details.

    Click image for larger version

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    The motor ran well, (after an adjustment on the throttle cable) Top speed was 28 mph. Cut through waves very nicely although it did throw up a little spray. All thats left now is the finish details. I'm feeling pretty good that all went well on it's (2nd) maiden voyage and thought I'd share.

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    Great looking boat, similar to the Shell Lake Tri-14 I just bought, but is finished off nicely.