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Travelling from Pompano Z Beach to Islamaroda with my Bowrider

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  • Travelling from Pompano Z Beach to Islamaroda with my Bowrider

    Hi thank you for any feedback that I can get from all of the experienced boaters out there.

    I've got a Regal 2200 Bowrider and I was thinking of boating to Islamarisa with my Bowrider. I would start from Pompano Beach.

    Is this type of track too taxing to do in one day on a Bowrider? It's a mix of ocean side and ICW. If the weather doesn't let me do the ocean side leg of the journey then I'll add an additional 2 1/2 hours for a full ICW route...

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    A day would be agressive in a typical bowrider. Plan on a stop

    Have updated charts

    Watch the weather

    Have sea tow ot boat us towing insurance

    You will run aground in the ICW as the channels shift every tide.

    Have both vhf and cell phones

    be safe

    Have fun
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      Pretty aggressive to think you’ll average 30 mph over the length of the trip thru back waters.

      Unless the channels are dredged, don’t count on maps giving accurate soundings.

      Personally, I would pick a day and run outside to minimize risks.



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        If you plan on running the intercoastal your going to run into very crowded water ways,a ton of no wake zones and lots of heat. 3 years ago when we did the Florida loop we weren't able to run outside on the Atlantic side and it was just a miserable trip from lake Worth south, it ended up being 4 days from Stewart to Key Largo(ran with the gen on so we could use the A/C) even with the air on the no wake zones and playing dodge boats made it so we could only deal with it for 6-8 hrs a day. That's our story, it may not help but that's what we experienced
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