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Anybody boat in the chicago/northwest indiana region?

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  • Anybody boat in the chicago/northwest indiana region?

    Just bought my first boat and would like to know of a good lake to learn the ropes on, decent ramp and not terribly busy. Does anybody knows if a lake this this exists in the northwest indiana region?

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    Hey man, just got my first boat, myself. I live over in the SW suburbs and was wondering the same thing. Any luck with locations? I've been out on the Kank with a buddy, that seemed gross for tubing and I've heard it can get pretty sketchy as far as downed trees, depth, floating refrigerators (?), Etc. The guy I bought from would run down to Cedar Lake in Indiana, but was wondering if you've found any good spots for amateur hour to play out with relatively minimal risk of damage to self and others. I've also heard there's a nice stretch of the Fox by Genieva.


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      A friend of mine lives in Plymouth IN, likes to head into MI, about 30 miles NE of Elkhart to a city called Three Rivers.

      I wouldn't suggest the Fox Lake region, or Lake Geneva. They are both a zoo.

      Lake Beulah in east Troy WI is a relatively peaceful lake.

      Both are probably a little farther than either of you want to drive, but your other choice is to move 150 miles north and become a cheesehead.

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