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Setting up to go tubing

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  • Setting up to go tubing

    Google is failing me! I am trying to find information which explains how to best set up your boat to go tubing!

    We have a "new to us" speedboat and would like to start having some fun. I tried to talk to our local marina dealer but they just didn't want to give us the time of day. :-(

    Obviously, I need a tub of some sort. I need towline with "floating line". What else? We have eye hooks on either side of the transom. I assume I need some sort of bridle? and then is that it? Is there anything else? What are the best practices here?

    Thanks for your knowledge!!

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    If there's more than one person that will be tubing, buy two identical tubes and two identical tow ropes, trust me on this, thie kids will have so much more fun. Simple tubes that you ride on top of are better than tubes you sit in, IMO. We have two O'Brien Super Screamers that have been remarkably robust and great fun for over a decade. You will need a bridle if you don't have a center tow hook.


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      Water sport style PFD’s for everyone one doing water sports
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        Look at your tow hook, some have been made kind of week. They can handle a skier but not a tube with more then one person. If you don't have a tow hook, then look at your rear cleats for the same strength area, and use a bridle

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          use a bridle from the low mounted transom hooks. transom hooks are bolted to the strongest point of the hull and rated for thousands of pounds of pull

          the high mounted ski ring should not be used for towing tubes. that little ring is rated for a few hundred pounds...... as when the tube submarines, it usually pulls the little ring and a good chunk of the hull off the boat. because the ring lets loose well before the tube line breaks
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