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Any Present Or Past Colorado Boaters?

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  • Any Present Or Past Colorado Boaters?

    Have already done a Thread saying how much we really miss and enjoyed, boating and fishing in Colorado, south of Denver.

    Currently making plans on visiting Loveland area this summer for a week. There are some nice lakes there as well as a couple just west of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Lake Mac in Nebraska. Future plan (mid 2019) is to move back to Colorado, but this time, live on the northern end of the Front Range or possibly in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We will both be in our early 70's and retired. Unfortunately, only on SS and 401K savings, but can still make it.

    Really seems that very few on this website/forum have lived and boated in those areas. Wondering why?

    For us, boating in Florida isn't nearly as cool as we thought it would be. A lot of fairly shallow lakes here that we'd never put our 20' Cuddy on. When we first moved here, "here" being Jacksonville, we bought two complete saltwater fishing rigs and gear. Never used either and last year, sold and gave away all of it. Luckily we kept all of our freshwater fishing gear that we bought in Colorado.

    So, anybody here done any "Front Range" boating and/or fishing?

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    Wonder why there is very little information, or members, from the Rocky Mountain or Plains States regions on here?

    There is some mighty good boating and fishing lakes in those areas. For us, wife and I, we definitely prefer freshwater boating and fishing to saltwater or "brackish" water.


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      I live in the Denver area. Love to go to Lake Powell, Granby, Steamboat lake.


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        Moved to a better forum to discuss boating destinations
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          Originally posted by LuvBoating View Post
          So, anybody here done any "Front Range" boating and/or fishing?
          Not yet but planning on it!
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            Originally posted by GT1000000 View Post

            Not yet but planning on it!
            Yep if ya could just get back on the Bassassin !
            Having a big deep fresh water lake access would be nice . The pictures i have seen of those area's are really beautiful !
            Being born and raised in J-ville Fl I cant think of a better place that I would want to be though .. Imo saltwater fish taste way better than fresh water fish but thats just me .. I don't think I could move very far from the ocean ..
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              Yeah, I am planning for it.


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                Funny how most people in Florida, including boaters, don't even know where the Rocky Mountain or Central Plains States are or do they care.


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                  Originally posted by SteveFleming View Post
                  Yeah, I am planning for it.
                  Where and/or when?


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                    Originally posted by SteveFleming
                    Yeah, i am also planning for it.
                    To take photos of sea lions in Lake Powell?
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