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Lake Wallenpaupack

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  • Lake Wallenpaupack

    Hello all,

    Just upgraded from a 19' to a 23' and I'm getting excited to pick her up next Saturday.

    My boat is on Lake Wallenpaupack. I've been boating there for the past 8 or 9 years, and have never heard of any boating "events".

    I know there are a lot of raft-ups, but have there been any events? Poker runs?

    Also, are the raft-ups clubs? Marina groups or just friends? I would love to get involved, they look like fun!


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    I'm docked there too. I don't know of any events except the July 4th boat parade and fireworks. If you find out anything, please post here.


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      The only other event I know about is the Wally Lake Fest (http://wallylakefest.com/). There is also a boat parade, and a band that plays on a boat in front of an audience of boats. I haven't attended one yet so can't really speak to how cool it is. My kids usually starting school around then, so I've never been able to get to one. This year it is from 8/25-8/27.

      If anyone else finds anything else, please post.


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        Wallyfest! Thanks for the info!