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Dealing with my Alden shell

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  • Dealing with my Alden shell

    This might not be the best place to post this, but I can't find anything better.

    I own an Alden 18' rowing shell. It weighs about 120 pounds. It is essentially a flat bottomed heavily built fiberglass canoe with an insert that makes it a rowing shell.
    Rowing Shells and Accessories from Chesapeake Rowing - The Alden 18 Double Rowing Shell

    I live on a Finger Lake in NY, but have no beach. My waterfront is stone/concrete wall at the water, about 4' above the high water line (with 8' of grass even with the top of the wall). If I have to lift the boat onto the wall each time, I won't be using it much.

    I had the idea of building something like a hoist out of either pipe or wood, only with slings that would hold the boat about a foot and a half out of the water. During Sandy we had waves about 2', so 1.5' ought to be okay. Presumably this is not an original idea; if you have seen it before, I would appreciate knowing how it has been done.

    The boat can't be turned over; the stuff that make it a rowing shell rather than a canoe is held in casually, and is not stable upside down. So, I was thinking of putting one or two drain plugs in. Does this make any sense?

    Any advice on how to store this shell would be appreciated.

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    Re: Dealing with my Alden shell

    That sounds feasible and it makes sense. You also might want to consider sliding it on rollers out of the water.