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Bayliner element

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  • Bayliner element

    Any thoughts on this boat. I like the layout but the hp makes me wonder. I have a1986 120 hp Johnson on my 1974 Larson Shark and they are close in size ect. Was thinking this could be a good day tripper.

    2013 Bayliner Element | Bayliner Boats

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    Re: Bayliner element

    16' boat for around $12k; good starter boat I'd say with a Mercury outboard. Should be fun.

    I bought, back in '83, a Bayliner 16' bowrider and loved it. Of course price back then was less than $6500.

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      Re: Bayliner element

      Bayliner Element official information drop....pics, specs, videos, and insider info! - Page 3


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        Re: Bayliner element

        IMHO, its a very impractical boat. Its use is just too limited.

        For only $200 more you could get a 16' Bowrider. It has a full windshield and the ability to up in HP if that's an issue for you.

        If its a crisp Spring or Fall day but the sun is shining, we go out anyway. Just close the windshield, snap on the walk-thru curtain and we're good to go. In the Element surely the Admiral would say its too cold to go boating.

        On a hot Summer day when that unexpected 5' rainstorm happens, simply put up the Canvas and everybody stays comfy. In the element surely the kids would be crying Daddy Im wet and cold.
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          Re: Bayliner element

          imho, for just a plain speed boat, a day tripper on the local lake. it looks good to me. the other option would be a glastron gt160. last year i think. closed bow. i think i'd go for that first. but that's just me. i like a small 16' boat. generally highly maneuverable. 40mph seems like 50 since its their small boats.
          i was bummed at my local boat show this year. they did'nt have a element there. was my primary reason for going. anyways. looks like a small maneuverable, speedboat to me. back the the basics. less stuff to break down.
          if either of these boats are made wood free, it'd be the icing on the cake to me.
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            Re: Bayliner element

            Looks like a decent first boat that might set the boating hook in its owner, and leave them wanting to upgrade after a season or two.

            The aethetics are gonna be a love it or leave it sorta thing. Definitely not for everyone. Looks like a 90's-early 2000's jet boat.

            That $12k price is sure to be a completely stripped model with no options. The 12 gallon gas tank seems silly to me. There are more capable boats available for a few thousand more, even new. Stingray has the 191RX, for example, with a 90hp outboard for $18k, including trailer. I'm sure there are other good choices as well.
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              Re: Bayliner element

              I agree, wonder what you actually get for $12K plus sales tax?
              I have only owned one boat w/o a windshield, and said, never again. But then I only paid $160.00 that thing. I enjoy being on the water, not having it sprayed all over me, and boats w/o windshields just don't work here in Michigan.
              If I was spending $12K I can think of many many other options.


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                Re: Bayliner element

                The gas tank is not a permanent one either. plastic just like in a jon boat.


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                  Re: Bayliner element

                  I think its a cool lil boat. Good for someone/small family to get into boating. I'm sure experienced boaters can all look at it and find something they personally don't like about it. The layout of the boat seems good for a small family (2 adults and a couple of young kiddies). The 60hp offering is probably a little underpowered, but should suffice depending on your load/gear. Looks like it'd be an easy sell to a family member or friend when you finally decide you want to upgrade.

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                    Re: Bayliner element

                    Your going to want to get the bimini if you plan to spend any time on the water. No tops in the pictures, probably makes it look less "sporty". It is listed as an option.


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                      Re: Bayliner element

                      Talked to the dealer around here. The sales guy asked what i wanted and what i was replacing. He actually surprised me in telling me that i would be unhappy with the element or a 3.0l motor. I have never rode in or driven ( do you drive a boat lol) a 3.0l. I wish there was a dealer close enough to take a boat out to see. I really need to look at it from the point of i am not getting younger and will i water ski in 5 to 10 years. Knee board sure but it really is going to come down to the Kids.


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                        Re: Bayliner element

                        I looked at the Element at the boat show in January. It didn't tickle my fancy. Very little instrumentation, smallish windshield and only at the helm. If I remember the 60 O/B was factory rigged. It just seemed too "something isn't quite right" to me.

                        Now the 2012 leftover he quoted me (forget what model BL) for a few $ more was a better boat in my eyes. Nah - It stayed there.
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                          Re: Bayliner element

                          Originally posted by Bubba1235
                          My prediction, Bayliner is going to sell a bunch of them.
                          This is one thing I will agree with.
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                            Re: Bayliner element

                            My boyfriend and I just bought this boat. I've never been on a boat, so this is a perfect lil vessel for us. True, there are not many bells and whistles, but everyone I've talked to, said the bells and whistles always end up breaking. Tons of storage, I love that the gas tank is removable. We don't have to tow a boat to the gas station or transfer from tank to tank. It's not super fast, tops out at 35 mph with just us in it. Plenty fast enough for a tuber. My dealership can't keep these boats on the lot. We ordered in Feb and just got it last week. It's meant to be a starter boat... Yes, we'll probably upgrade in a few years.

                            We love the boat.


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                              Re: Bayliner element

                              Looks like a fun boat and probably good on gas which is a plus.
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