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  • will this work?

    Looking a 1998 Smoker Craft Pro Alaskan 16ft boat with 50hp/9.9 4 stroke Yamaha's. Is this safe for ocean fishing?

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    Re: will this work?

    It's not typical of what is considered a safe ocean-going boat with the intent of fishing. It's a wee bit small. Is it self-bailing? If not, then size is only one major shortcoming, and the inability to self bail is another major one.

    Your question also implies you are not ready to be at the helm in a 16' boat in the ocean.

    Someone with experience and multiple bilge pumps (provided she is not self bailing) could probably get away with near shore fishing. I see it all the time, although it's not recommended.
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      Re: will this work?

      Welcome to iboats, lulu.

      Although I have been in the ocean in even smaller vessels (15' Whaler), I have to agree with Phil. I looked at a number of Smoker Craft models (yours included) and I get the impression that they are built primarily for inland conditions. Having lived on the coast for many years, I can tell you that things can change...and very quickly. If you do go out, make sure the weather is right, you have appropriate emergency gear and someone knows where you're going. Good Luck!
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        Re: will this work?

        "it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean!"

        That applies to boats, too.
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          Re: will this work?

          Which ocean, from what part of the country (world)? How far into the ocean?

          Here in San Diego I'll go 5 miles out into the Pacific in a boat I wouldn't go more than 1/2 mile from shore on in the Chesapeake Bay.

          I frequently fish the kelp (1/2-1 mile offshore) in a boat smaller than what you're talking about.
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