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Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

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  • Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

    I want to buy a boat and trailer in Washington State and bring it back into British Columbia. The title on the boat and the title on the trailer both have the VIN # displayed. However, the VIN # is no longer visible on the trailer (it looks like it washed off). It is a 2001 escort trailer. What do I need to do to be able to import the trailer into Canada? Will customs make a big fuss if I don't have the VIN # on the trailer even though I have the VIN # on the trailer title? Thanks for your suggestions, I apppreciate it.

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    Re: Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

    From my personal experience - you'll have a big problem with RIV and Customs, if you try to bring trailer that is newer than 15 years, and with no VIN. Try to contact trailer manufacturer and get the VIN plate.


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      Re: Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

      ^^^^^^^^^ +1

      Once you get it in to canada you will need to get need to get it inspected, one way or another either for the under 15 year old federal thing, or out of province thing.
      Get the VIN or suffer the headaches.

      (trailer MFG should have stamped the reach with the VIN#)
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        Re: Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

        When I brought my ez loader over the vin tag was washed out and illegible. I contacted the manufacturer before I went down and had them send me a new vin tag. I'm sure you can do the same. FWIW no one looked at the vin until I took it to Canadian Tire for the RIV inspection.
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          Re: Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

          I do believe Escort went out of business some years ago, so no joy there.

          However, there may be a second VIN and specification plate inside one of the frame rails at the rear of the trailer.
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            Re: Import boat trailer into Canada with No VIN

            I brought a 1987 Shorelander across from Maine in August 2009. The VIN tag was washed out. There was a certificate of ownership from the OEM that had the VIN on it in the owners packet I picked up from the former owner. Canada Customs accepted this. The other thing I had was a copy of the trailer registration from the Maine DOT that had the same VIN. Canada Customs were actually quite reasonable to deal with as this was not the first washed out VIN tag they have seen crossing the border.

            My advice would be to call the supervisor at the border crossing and ask them what they will accept as proof of the VIN.
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