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84 Bass Tracker Bilge Pump Hose

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  • 84 Bass Tracker Bilge Pump Hose

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I know this is a pretty stupid question, but I hate to start ripping up deck and carpet only to find there was a simpler way.
    Thanks for any comments and help.

    ...I just bought an 84 Bass Tracker 3 that had a cracked bilge pump hose. The hose basically fell apart and I am tryoing to replace it but it runs from the bilge next to the drain plug to the side of the boat where the discharge fitting is. The problem is that all the panels around the fitting are either rivited or welded in place I can't figure out how to get my hands in to attach the new hose.
    I really dont want to drill another hole and hope there is some "trick" to attaching the hose. After all, someone installed it in the first place, I am just not smart enough to figure out how.
    Any advice woud be greatly appreciated.
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