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Key Largo 160 Fuel Tank Questions

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  • Key Largo 160 Fuel Tank Questions

    Hey all -

    I have a 2003 Key Largo 160. My fuel gauge is now stuck on "full" and would like to check all options for repair. Where is the access to the fuel tank on this model? I think the only place it can be is under the console, correct? There is a panel with four screws there. Also, what is the best way to clean a fuel tank in this boat? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Key Largo 160 Fuel Tank Questions

    I have a 2002 Key Largo 160. The fuel gauge regesters 1/4 full. I fill it up to the neck and 1/2 hour later it takes another 1/2 gallon, left over night I can retop it off with another 1/4 gallon. I suspect a minor blockage...or a bubble in the line...Ive fed a 1/2" dia flexable hose 12 feet through the gas filler neck, when removed the gas level remains the same (up to the neck)
    I suspect the Float in the tank may have pin hole or the arm conected to the float is bent. Could air in the tank be preventing a smooth flow in filling up... What would cause refilling so often in order make sure Ive got a full tank. I welcome your help.........CF