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First Razorback boat ever made?

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  • First Razorback boat ever made?

    So, my friend's Grandma had this boat out in her barn that hadnt moved in about 20 years. I got the boat for free and it is just the windshield (no cracks or anything) the hull and the outboard motor, all of the interior has been removed. The hull doesnt leak or anything and the motor is seized i think. But, I was looking at the tag stamped in the back left corner inside the hull and the serial number is "0A1", thats it. there is space for the serial number to be about 15 characters long but it is empty. I believe that the boat was made in the mid to late 1950's because it has the two wings on the back. The closest model i could find was from 1958. What is left is in great shape though. I did look at the serial number and model number of the motor, and i think that is from 1963, but the boat looks nothing like a '63 model, so im guessing whoever originally owned it, took another motor and stuck it on there...does anyone know ANYTHING about this serial number or know if maybe this is the first one ever made from this company? I'm thinking about selling it and if it is the first one, i would like to keep it or sell it to someone who really knows what it is worth...I've looked at Fiberglassics.com and found the origions of the company and some original ads but that is it...I'm so lost on this...thanks.

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    Re: First Razorback boat ever made?

    SO! Where are the Picture! This is a show and tell forum

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      Re: First Razorback boat ever made?

      Welcome to iboats!

      Sounds like a great find and a great gift.

      Prior to the mid 1970's hull identification number's were not required and many manufacturers did not even use serial number's.

      Regardless ...... you may never find anymore information then you have already.

      Motor seized up?? which motor is it? There may be a chance to resurrect the boat and motor into running condition.
      This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
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        Re: First Razorback boat ever made?

        the motor isnt seized, from what ive been able to find online the motor is a 63 Evinrude, with and electric start...i added pictures of the boat into my album...should be open to the public. The closest model i could find was a '58, cause it has the high wings in the back. other than that there aint much more to her. any more info would still help though.
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          Re: First Razorback boat ever made?

          post to photo bucket.....resize to 640x 480 and copy and past the img tag to your reply
          The Hull Extension Thread
          great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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