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Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

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  • Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

    This may be a really dumb question but better to ask and get the opinions. We have a Four Winns Vista 248 (24') and have it on a lake where there are no towing options other than the kindness of the others on the lake. Our last boat had engine trouble on the lake and we were lucky enough to be towed in but there is a difference in weight between a 20' bayliner and this boat. I was wondering if there are any options for an emergency motor on this boat. I have looked at the electric trolling motors and wondered if one of those would have enough power to get us back to the dock (or if not our dock which sometimes is 10 miles away) at least one of the other ramps on the lake where we could trailer it out.

    Is there some type of motor like this that is small enough that it coule be stowed and attached to the boat (swim platform) in the case of an emergency or am I just dreaming?


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    Re: Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

    That's a lot of boat to try to push, it is possible that a torqeedo would have the umph to get you home, even if just. The torqeedo is like a trolling motor(electric) but can put out power on par with a 10hp kicker. Also, we have a 24' trailerable sailboat, and have powered it with just a 3.5 nissan outboard, but that boat has a far more efficient hull shape than your four winns. Also, i suspect bolting to your swim platform would be putting a lot of stress on places that weren't intended to deal with them. For what its worth the nissan weighed less than 30 lbs so small and pretty easy to store, just pray for a tailwind, not a headwind.

    Really, try to keep your engine running well, your best option is to give tows, not receive them.


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      Re: Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

      an auxiallry motor will be big bucks. best to simply have a tow plan. even small boat can tow your 24. i towed my 27 with my jetski, 2 miles. doesnt take much power to move a boat at hull speed. but in your case, i would guess its 10hp. more than an electric can do.


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        Re: Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

        Hi, bettsbuy. Welcome to the forum.

        You and I own the same type of boat, and I don't see any practical way of mounting an auxiliary. Anything can be done with enough time and money, but your best bet is maintenance and heading back to the dock at the first hint of trouble.

        If there are fueling or service companies on that lake, having their phone numbers aboard could pay off, too. They might send someone after you, for a price.

        Good luck and happy boating!
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          Re: Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

          There actually is a simple solution but it isn't cheap

          figure about $1000 plus installation

          A cheaper route is an anchor, granola bars, bottled water, and a couple good friends you can call for help...... as for getting a tow ANY motorized boat can pull you in if weather permits and anything with 50 hp or so (probably even 25 depending on the hull) could tow you on a windy day

          Originally posted by Tinnie
          But, where are the reevets?
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            Re: Emergency Motor for a 24' boat

            a 3hp 2stroke will work better than an electric trolling motor, and be lighter and have much more range.