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Cleaning corrosion from plug type connectors

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  • Cleaning corrosion from plug type connectors

    I have a general and specific question on this so i put it here rather than the trailer forum. Specifically, my trailer plug connections are corroded and causing a "not so good" connection. I need to plug in/out wiggle, etc. I can see the corrosion so i know that's the problem.

    So, how to clean it off? The male plug progs are obviousl easier. I can wire brush, maybe use vinigar or whatever externally on them. What is best?

    For the female end how do you do it? Can I soak the connection in some solvent? Seems like a bad idea. Spray? Cutip with some solvent inside? Obviously not easy to wire brush - unless it were a very small, cutip-sized wire brush - can I get this somewhere?

    So, ideas appreciated on my trailer connection corrosions and/or corrosion on plug connectors in general in marine applications.


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    Re: Cleaning corrosion from plug type connectors

    in general when my truck side plug gets corroded its because the little spring that holds the door closed has broken and is allowing water to intrude. I just spend the few dollars and replace the truck side rather than try to clean it, due to there is usally corrosion inside the connections and requires the plug to be totally dismantled to be done correctly. I'm refering to a 7 way plug btw. If you'd like to clean it wrapping some fine grit sand paper or crocus cloth over the end of a flat screw driver works well.

    If dealing with a 4 flat plug or the trailer side of a 7 way I have found the very best thing is to use a cutting torch tip cleaner set. Most home depots will carry them in the tool section by the welders. They come in sets and vary in range from about the size of a pipe cleaner, down to smaller than a paper clip in diameter. They do wonders for cleaning trailer plugs, headlight plugs, and even the center pins of antenna plugs. They sell for well under 10 bucks.