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steering cable removal- idiot guide needed

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  • steering cable removal- idiot guide needed

    OK, I have my outboard hanging from the ceiling in the garage, but the steering cable is still connected.

    There is one nut that holds the black cable to the tilt tube. I loosened that nut and tried to extract the cable, by pulling the cable. The metal arm on the cable end withdrew from the tilt tube, but the arm on the otherside of the outboard (where the steering arm attaches) wouldn't withdraw into the tilt tube.

    Do I need to loosen either of the two large remaining nuts on both sides of the tilt tube?

    I was going to whack the side on the far end of the tilt tube, but didn't want to mushroom the end of the rod.

    Since it was already late, I figured I'd come here in the morning for idiot's advice. I can't believe it could be so difficult to extract this thing, but every other nut or bolt has been seized after 20 years.

    It was a job removing the outboard from the transom and pulling it above the boat on the joist.

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    Re: steering cable removal- idiot guide needed

    there is only one nut holding it. the one where the cable goes into the tilt tube. get a block of wood, big hammer, and drive the rod out, as you said do not mushroom the head, you may have to get some type of drift pin. wooden dowl may work, to finish driving it out. you just learn the lesson on servicing the steering cable. once out, clean the tilt tube, http://www.iboats.com/T_R_Marine_Ste...-view_id.40162
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      Re: steering cable removal- idiot guide needed

      Thanks for the confirmation that I'm only a partial idiot and was doing it correctly.

      I learned the lesson on servicing all the fasteners you ever even think you might want to remove. I got this thing last fall (for the hull mainly) and who'd know replacing a water pump and thermostat would turn into such an ordeal.

      Even after soaking with penetrating oil, I snapped a couple bolts trying to remove the lower unit and need to take it to a machine shop to get them extracted. A torch and easyouts were useless. I got the four motor bracket bolts out no problem, but the clamps on the outboard were also near impossible to loosen. I thought I was going to have to cut them off too.

      A new 50 HP is looking good about now.


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        Re: steering cable removal- idiot guide needed

        Tashas Daddy is right on as always. I had to do this last year as well. I was able to use a dowel rod without mushrooming the end if the steering cable. And make sure you clean the tube before installing the cable back in. Good luck.
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