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PolarKraft Live Well

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  • PolarKraft Live Well

    I have an 18 ft. (2004) Polarcraft Duck boat with a live well.

    The person I bought it from made some alterations to the pump system in the actual live well tank. I think to make room for storage!

    It appears that they sawed off several of the pipes that feed and dump water from the well.

    1. Can anyone tell me how the drain plug in the bottom is supposed to look (right now it has a rubber cork). I am aware of other systems. There are three holes. One in bottom that looks as though it was sawed flush.

    2. The hole in the side of the boat that appears to be an overflow. It is a straight hole with no screen, etc..

    3. Then there is the feed hole which now dumps water into the well with no pipe to distribute the water evenly.

    4. And the pump itself is an in-line cannister type (looks like a small keg). Can that be serviced? Or anything I should do to it? It works but pressure is low.

    5. Also, can I buy the required pipes if need be. There are threaded fittings on all three. And where can I buy them?




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    Re: PolarKraft Live Well

    If pipes have been cut off flush with the tank there is no way to make a new connection. You don't have to use pipes. You can use flexible hose made for this purpose. It's available at Bass Pro, *******, right here on iBoats and most home improvement stores. But you need something to attach it to. Live well pumps are normally mounted with the intake through the transom. The outlet side goes to the aerator head. This by the way doesn't need to be a spray bar. Adjustable spray nozzles are used as well. Livewell pumps are volume pumps, not pressure pumps so they do not have a lot of pressure. As long as it moves water that's all that matters.


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      Re: PolarKraft Live Well

      On mine I have the overflow as a thru hull at the top of the tank but your sounds like a stand pipe, you could possibly find a peice of PVC that would fit inside it and that shoul be okay but if the others were cut they will need to be replaced.

      Some pumps are cartridge types that if the motor stops working you replace just that part otherwise you have to replace the entire pump.

      And watch getting the pleated accordian type hose as I have had that break at the pleats before adn you suddenly have a strange leak to find.

      It sounds like he unscrewed them rather than cut them off but I don't know if you could get just that part, generally they want you to buy the whole thing.
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