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Replacement cuddy cabin windows

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  • Replacement cuddy cabin windows


    I recently purchased a used 1994 Sea Ray Overnighter 240 Signature Series boat (cuddy cabin). All 4 of the cuddy cabin windows are cracked or broken. I would like to replace these windows (which are currently solid), with windows which can slide open to let fresh air into the cabin.

    Does anybody have any recommendations of where or how I can get replacement windows for my boat? Should I go to a glass manufacturer, should I try a plastic company, etc.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Owen

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    Re: Replacement cuddy cabin windows

    One of my drunken buddies did me the square of stepping on and breaking the hatch to my cuddy. A dealer replacement was $500. I cut the old one out with a razor knife, taped it back together so a local plexi glass shop could use it as a template, and had a new made out of tinted lexan witha lifetime warranty for $55. I first glued it in with black silicone which held for less than 30 days...... So I then glued it in with a tube of black windshield glue (also bought from a local automotive glass shop for $5.) Total cost = $60 and I have a lifetime guarentee to protect me from my drunken buddies!!!!!

    are the windows curved or flat? If flat (or only slightly cureved) this should work for you as well.

    Good luck!
    Ben and Tina 1989 Four Winns Liberator 201 OMC 5.8sigpic