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Sportsstuff Towable toys. Great service!!!

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  • Sportsstuff Towable toys. Great service!!!

    We are always ready to report about poor service from companies but not enough of the "good" gets reported....so, my experience with Sportsstuff company. They make the Mable, Big mable, Super Mable and lots of other very cool towables.

    Anyways, I've had my Big Mable (GREAT family tube) for a couple years. At the end of last season something happened with the valve insert and the one-way valve no longer worked. I just put it away broken. whatever warranty it had is over.

    Someone told me how great the service is at Sportsstuff so I called them today. First, the guy new the product well and explained what my problem is without me having it here to look at. Then, as I was getting prepared to get the credit card out to order the part i needed he just asked for my mailing address! The new valve insert is on it's way to me! no charge, not even a discussion of where i bought it, when, warranty.....nothing. just "what address should we send that to, sir?".

    Keep that in mind next time you buy a water tube!

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    Re: Sportsstuff Towable toys. Great service!!!

    Nice to hear there are still companies out there that value good customer service.
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