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Fuel Flow Meter

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  • Fuel Flow Meter

    I first want thank all you "old salts" for all of the good advise and direction that you continue to give us tadpoles.

    I want to install a fuel flow meter on my new to me boat. 1989 5.9 meter Arrow Glass Coho with a 140 Suzuki. I don't even know how big the tank is yet.

    Where can I find detailed directions on how to install this ? I would like to see the directions before i buy so that i can get an idea of what i am in for.

    Websites that i have viewed barely tell you what you need to do this, let alone how.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Fuel Flow Meter

    Fuel flow monitors consist of two parts: 1) the head unit or the read-out and 2) the fuel flow transducer. The head unit mounts in the dash just like any other gauge. It requires a +12V and ground connection. +12V is active when the key is on. The transducer is a device that installs in the fuel line. You cut the line, insert the transducer and run the transducer cable to the head unit. If you install a Navman (now owned by Northstar) they will recommend you install a fuel filter between the tank and the transducer. The transducer has a very fine turbine wheel inside it that cannot tolerate any debris passing through it. The installation is not complicated, but the transducer must be mounted vertically and cannot vibrate so some sort of mounting must be fabricated. The Navman 2100/Northstar 210 are available from $135.00 to $175.00 depending on where you buy it. I have one in my walleye boat and it works great.


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      Re: Fuel Flow Meter

      i just got a LOWRANCE 49-611 LMF-200 W/FUEL FLOW SENSOR for my boat
      if you go to the lorance web sight they have the instruction and installation manuels on pdf. you can down load them and there 60 or so pages of information. sorry i cant tell you about where the were but i stumbled around and found them so it couldnt be that hard. phwrd you have a pm
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