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1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

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  • 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

    Hello Everyone, I Own A 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull. I Was Handed Down This Great Boat, How Ever It Does Need A Little Bit Of A Overhaul As Far As The Late 1970's Fashion In Outdoor Sporting Goes. It Is Kinda Hard To Get The Wife To Go Out On The Lake With Me Do To Its Looks. I Was Just Woundering If Anyone Has Anything Close To My Boat, That I Maybe Could Get Some Ideals On How To Change Mine So I Can Get The Lady Out On It.

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    Re: 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

    this is a 1956 i did then redid.

    here is what i just did a couple of weeks ago

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      Re: 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

      First , Welcome , this is The Boat University , there are a great bunch of guys here , and they can help you fix anything on your boat . anything!! with that being said , the search on here is really great .

      I also have a 1976 glastron , t166 sportster 15.6 feet tri-hull , and my wife also say it Ugly !!!! lol I am woking onher now !!! John

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        Re: 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

        I have a 79 tri hull here in louisville, and when i got it it was trashed. We replaced the floor which was very easy (dont forget to install floor storage bins) and installed new seats. We then patched the hull with fiber glass and painted it grey with marine paint. We then used a sparlkly "Wildcat Blue" (lets go big blue) that we got from pepboys in a spraypaint can, to spray the rest of the boat. We then installed a radio and speakers putting the speakers in the side panels and also on top of the windsheild. We then took off the 80 hp engine and put on a 150hp. The tri hull is a great design especially on choppy water like the ohio river. And with alot of hp it allows me to reach speeds of 60 mph, and also great tubeing and wakeboarding


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          Re: 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

          Had a 72 tri hull that was faded yellow with brown interior. Does the lake have places to beach the boat if so, throw a grill and cooler in her and take the better half for a destination ride instead of a boat ride.


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            Re: 1979 Starcraft Fiberglass Tri-hull

            It Is Kinda Hard To Get The Wife To Go Out On The Lake With Me Do To Its Looks.
            ya can tell her that it's not everyone that even has the good fortune to even have the option of going out boating. it's not what yer boat looks like man. as long as she's seaworthy..... be happy yer out boating. lots a folks don't have the oppertunity....... a non top notch lookin boat can cruise, pull skiers and tubes, fish, hang out, just as well as something fancy... bet yers is paid for.........
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