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Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

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  • Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

    Whats the deal with Nitro bass boats. I hear people say get the Triton (which i do like better), but why does Nitro set below Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter in quality of bass boats?

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    Re: Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

    Err, like asking why Tahoe bowriders set below Four Winns? Both will float and the fish don't give a darn. But those who can easily afford the FW will buy it.



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      Re: Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

      I've fished with professional bass fisherman and they swear to only buy Ranger Bass Boats. They've tried the other manufactures and by far the Ranger got them through some heavy conditions without a problem. Something to do with their hull design, I guess. I'm not a professional bass fisherman and don't fish tournaments.

      I personally like the Triton's layout and because the hull is designed by Earl Bentz makes it one of the better boats on the market.

      There's also attention to detail to consider. If you look at some bass boats, you see some production imperfections like crooked storage covers, blemishes in gel coat, etc. The more expensive manufactures uses higher quality hardware such as hinges, rails, cleats, etc. and pay attention to detail.

      All in all, though, I think its a matter of how much you can afford and what your looking for in a bass boat.


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        Re: Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

        You always get what you pay for. Rangers and next Tritons deliver an exceptionally dry smooth ride as compared to Nitro. Yes I do have first hand experience.
        1996 Crestliner 2160 Phantom, 1996 Evinrude 130 HP


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          Re: Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

          I haven't seen a Nitro but I have seen their marketing and in my opinion that puts them more in the cost effective arena of BB's which would dictate area of market for which it was designed.

          I do not care for Skeeter personally. I just don't like their design. I am aware of their history, longetivy and popularity.

          Triton seems to be a well manicured boat and seem to get things done that Ranger spends a lot more time and money to accomplish. Would I consider one? Probably, but not before I checked out Ranger.

          Having had a Ranger, I think this is the Cadillac of BB's. Everything is to the nth detail. Everything is solid and when in rough water, really rough water, it is tight. You never get the feeling that the boat will fail you.

          I was caught out in open water in an unexpected high wind once; had been out in rough water many times which it took extremely well....smooth dry ride, but never this bad. Wave crests were very close together which forced me to take them head on at a very slow speed rather than quartering, just at planing speed with the trim way out, as I usually did.

          I had pedestal seats and it was so bad that I had to stand and sit as the boat took on the waves. The bow would bury it's self in the oncoming wave. When I say bury, I mean the bow went into the wave all the way to the gunwale. Spray everythere (except on me and in the boat). Then she'd pop out just to do it over again. It took a tricky combination of power and trim to get it just right but I did and the Ranger and Merc "Tower of Power" never missed a lick.

          Only problem I had with it was that in Texas, where I boat, there are few launching ramps where their is a pier to tie the boat after launching. Fishing alone usually meant that I had to beach it to park my truck and that meant unavoidable hull damage.....the boat was absolutely beautiful and this was not easy.

          I sold it to my son-in-law when I temporarily (10yrs) quit fishing (started farming) who still has and uses it.

          If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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            Re: Nitro compared to Triton, Ranger, and Skeeter

            My ex brother n law has a 19 foot triton with a 225 merc on it! Loved fishin in that boat with him.Thats the fastest i have ever been in a boat to this day 70 mph said he had a bit left.That was plenty for me!
            Restoring 1984 Crestliner/1988 Johnson 110.