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trim tabs on a "rowboat" style hull.

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  • trim tabs on a "rowboat" style hull.

    My 16 foot Lund has what I would call a "rowboat" style Vhull. Its a V-hull but the V slowly dissappears to Flat at the transom like most aluminum row boats do where as most 16'+ concole steer boats are V'd all the way back. With the 90hp V4 on the back now it jumps on plain dang quick but I need to maintain about 18-20mph to stay on plain where as I only needed 15-16mph when I had my 55hp on the back (130# difference in wieght on the transom). When the waves get choppy I like to stay on top as slow as I can to keep from getting wet and smooth the ride a bit and also when towing "newbies" on the tube I like to keep the speed down a bit. The boat handles great and holds WOT turns without ever side slipping (I can trim the engine all the way in at 40mph and crank the wheel to bring it around with out ever pulling back on the throttle)

    Basically I'm looking for slower plaining and maybe not having to trim in all the way on HARD turns to keep the prop from blowing out.
    87' Kennedy 20' Pontoon....... well some of it is.......
    3rd Pontoon + integrated transom + strakes just on the 3rd
    98' Johnzuki 70hp 4 stroke (looking for a Johnson/Suzuki 115)
    29mph @ 5900rpm swinging a 14x13 Turbo Pontoon1 stainless
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    Re: trim tabs on a

    Go with the Smart Tabs. They will greatly improve your low speed plane...and get you on plane much faster.
    My old heavy glass boat stays on plane at 15 mph easy now..The cornering is greatly improved also without trimming in..

    1981 ChrisCraft 210 Scorpion K,175 Johnson SeaHorse


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      Re: trim tabs on a

      We just tested a 14.5 this week end. Stays flat at any speed.
      Get SX Smart Tabs cosmetic blems for an extra $20 off (only $99.95) exclusively at iboats.com
      link: http://www.iboats.com/Nauticus_SX_Sm...2485--dz.54646