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Seam sealer for aluminum boats

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  • Seam sealer for aluminum boats

    Some of the caulking is coming loose on my aluminum boat and I would like to repair this properly, what should I use silicone? or...?? thanx.

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    Re: Seam sealer for aluminum boats

    Quin,I've good success with GLuv It. Available here www.iboats.com
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      Re: Seam sealer for aluminum boats

      can't you guys come up with anything other then "Gluvit"... that's all i hear, gluvit, gluvit, gluvit.... this stuff is $63 a can! Who can afford that??? how about something in a caulking tube for around 10 bux. or even a small plastic tube. I only have a few small leaks in my aluminum boat that i need to patch up and don't need to smear on a whole can of gluvit.


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        Re: Seam sealer for aluminum boats

        hi water weenie...

        welcome to boating.

        we say gluvit because that is the correct tool for the job.

        silly cone doesnt work....we know because we have tryed it.

        by the way.....boats are expencive toys.....and need to be maintained,,,

        dj is correct
        The Hull Extension Thread
        great info on all aspects on boat building with detailed information.


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          Re: Seam sealer for aluminum boats

          Does the boat leak?

          Normally the sealer they use is put on the seam and the part that is coming off is just on the outside but there is still selaear between the joint.

          If it is leaking I woudl look at the rivets, they work loose over time and can be pretty easily rebucked, hold ahamme on the outside and smak the insoide once or twice.

          Easist way to find a leak is to get some water in the boat and mark and rebuck the leaky ones then maybe Gluvit if you want.

          Gluvit is really thin and runs betwen seems where caulk won't.
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            Re: Seam sealer for aluminum boats

            WOW an eight year old thread!!! Welcome to iboats.

            Well...... gluvit is what works. Please start a new thread in the future about your question

            Anything that you suspect that you have discovered in a $10 tube probably will not last. The wonderful sealant adhesive 3m 5200 will really break your bank since a small tube is so expensive.

            Repairing and tightening the rivets combined with the gluvit treatment is actually the cheapest way to go. I have found gluvit much more affordable if you go looking for it locally but I consider the driving time and gas just evens it out.

            I will lock up this thread and please feel free to start a new one. Take a look in the restoration section for aluminum repairs.
            This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
            Please, shop iboats first!!