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New to me 2002 Chaparral 220 SSI

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  • New to me 2002 Chaparral 220 SSI

    Well I did it. Not sure if I got myself in over my head or am going to be throwing good money after bad but we will find out soon enough.

    I bought a 2002 Chaparral 220 SSi. Volvo Penta 5.0 engine and drive. The deck is good and the transom checks out. Knocking around the bilge (Dirty but dry) was good. Motor runs and she goes into gear. Trim did not work however.

    Biggest problem with her thus far that I can see is a few of the seats need to be reupholstered and the vinyl on the dash at the helm and passenger side is in need of being replaced. Many of the issues are cosmetic and functional in nature. She is a bit of a project boat but not one that needs to be torn down to the stringers and rebuilt (Yet). I already have one of those. 1988 SeaRay Seville 210 (Free) running Mercruiser 4.3 and Alpha 1 drive. My brother is convinced he wants to rebuild her. She is in his driveway.

    At the price point I was looking I have come across MANY of them actually ALL of them did and were all in MUCH worse condition.

    I have not had her out on the water as of yet. Yes, I know. I can already hear the "You bought a boat and didn't test her out on the water." comments. The trim was inop at the time. I am pretty sure I did not win the boat lottery with this one. However I did not pay much for her and am willing to put some money into getting her in good shape mechanically, functionally, and cosmetically. Being that it is the end of the summer boating season here in Georgia I am looking at getting her ready for a full season next year.

    What drew me to her was the Chaparral reputation, I have not talked to or seen many people that did not like or had much bad to say about them. The look, features, and layout of the boat is exactly what we have been looking for. She checks all the blocks we have been looking for in a boat.

    I am not all that familiar with the Volvo Penta platform as my 1988 Invader has a small Mercruiser 3.0 and an Alpha 1 drive in it. The SeaRay as mentioned has the Merc 4.3 I have done much of my own basic maintenance on both but have never worked with a Volvo Penta.

    I am sure I will have quite a few questions going forward in the process of getting her Lake worthy. Needless to say I have a bit of an adventure ahead of me. Looking for it to be a rewarding one in the end for myself and my family.

    I will take plenty of pictures and update throughout the process.
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    1988 Invader 181 Bowrider, Mercruiser 3.0 with Alpha one drive.

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    Didn't happen without pictures

    Congratulations on the new-to-you boat!


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      just an FYI - knocking on the transom wont show any signs of rot until well after the wood gets wet, rots away and the cavity becomes hollow

      as 'kogs mentioned, it didnt happen without pictures.
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        I don't see any boat . . . Did this actually happen?
        Best regards, Ted . . . . Cape Cod, MA

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          Boat? What boat? I didn't see anything....
          Location: West Central Illinois, USA 1997 Larson 186 SEi Bowrider I/O Mercruiser 350 #0F747565 Mag Alpha One Gen II #1A270120 Transom and Deck Restoration Project on my '97 Larson Bowrider


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            You asked for pictures. Here are a couple I snapped before leaving her at the dealer. I'll be picking her up Saturday morning.

            Once getting her home I'll be taking a bunch of photos and even some videos and digging deeper into what needs to be worked on, fixed, and or replaced.

            I know I have work to do on the trim. The Bimini top, dash vinyl covering needs to be replaced, a few seats need to be repuholstered and the motor and drive need at the very least a complete service. Bilge pump needs to be replaced along with the blower.

            I have done oil changes on both my Mercruiser alpha 1 drives and engines 4.3 and 3.0 both 1988 model years in my Invader and SeaRay. I have changed distributers belts plugs plug wires... Basic maintenance stuff on both.

            I however have no experience and little knowledge with Volvo Penta platform. The engine bay needs a thorough cleaning. The dealer said they would clean her up and look at the trim if they have the opportunity to do so. I purchased her as is with no service. The price I negotiated reflected that.

            I am aware that tapping on the transom only indicates weather it is rotted or not. Chaparral thankfully does not use wood in thier transoms. Or at least that is what the 2002 brochure and features state and what I have found in my research.

            The deck is also completely fiberglass according to the documentation from Chaparral. Walking, jumping on, and Knocking around on the deck revealed that to be the case and it to be very strong. If someone knows more or if I am wrong Id love any and all information that I can get.

            Once I get her home I will post a bunch of pictures and probably start a reconditioning thread to document the progress for you all.

            We are pretty excited to get into her so that she is ready for a full season on our local lakes.

            I also have a complete rebuild project with the SeaRay Seville coming up sometime in the future. I have not completely decided what I am going to do with my Invader as of yet as she is another complete rebuild as well but In much better shape than the SeaRay.

            1988 Invader 181 Bowrider, Mercruiser 3.0 with Alpha one drive.


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              Looks like the pictures did not post with my last reply. Here you gom. Ask and ye shall receive.
              1988 Invader 181 Bowrider, Mercruiser 3.0 with Alpha one drive.


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                Sign up today
                Nice looking boat! Congrats!
                Location: West Central Illinois, USA 1997 Larson 186 SEi Bowrider I/O Mercruiser 350 #0F747565 Mag Alpha One Gen II #1A270120 Transom and Deck Restoration Project on my '97 Larson Bowrider