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Boat owner manuals

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  • Boat owner manuals

    I am looking for an owners manual for a 1991 Fisher aluminum boat SV-18GT. I would appreciate any help.

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    Welcome aboard.

    We get many requests for Owner's Manuals. Boats are not like new cars with the manual in the glove box. Any boat owner's pamphlets are more like safety guidelines and very few have any comprehensive info.

    Couple of suggestions;
    • Check with Fisher if they are still in business. Some boat builders maintain an online archive of manuals, most don't.
    • If you're looking for motor help, manuals are available.
    • Tell us what you need help with. We have a large group of experienced members willing to offer help in the forum.

    Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
    That is what the forums are for.
    Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.


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      out of over 100,000 boat companies over the years, only 4 ever made manuals. the rest, as GA pointed out, have a 4-page safety pamphlet that says the pointy end is the bow, the square end with the propeller is the stern, dont hit anything and then a list of servicing dealers

      most boats came with a motor manual, a trailer manual, a stereo manual and if there was a trolling motor, a trolling motor manual
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        I have a Fisher aluminum boat, it is a Hawk model, about 16’-6” length.
        my son and I traveled from Eastern Montana to Clarksville Tennessee and hooked onto it over there, after paying the gentleman for it of course.
        the boat had a 45 horse Mercury prop unit installed.
        after getting the boat home and knowing the Yellowstone River, knew we would have to step that up and go with the jet.
        my son did some searching and found a Mercury two stroke with the oil induction system and the jet pump, called a 90/65. Had the engine delivered to a marina in Glasgow and they installed the new unit and sold Our old engine.
        been ripping up the river with that unit now for about 12 years.
        nope, no book on the boat but, lots of information on that new engine. 🤷*♂️😹