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2001 Doral 250se advice needed

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  • 2001 Doral 250se advice needed

    I’ve ran across what SEEMS to be a good deal on a 2001 Doral 250se. It’s been sitting for 3 year, but only had 180 hours on it. The owner said it doesn’t run and isn’t sure what’s wrong with it but for $3,000 for the boat and trailer it’s hard to pass up as I’ve always wanted I boat like this. I’m good with engines but not sure what else to look for when it comes to boats. What are some things I should check when I go to look at it? Side note, it has been run in salt water most of those 180 hours.

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    Sounds like my same situation in 2012. 1999 Chris Craft 200 BR for $4500. 123 hours. Didn't run. Required a carb rebuild and lot of work on the outdrive. Everyone's financial situation is different but I'd make the same choice again even having to start all over again.

    I'd try to find out if there are serious issues - cracked block, etc or if the owner just let it sit and now its just a simple fuel delivery or spark issue.
    Where is it located? Somewhere w/ freezing temps in the winter?
    Take a look at the outdrive for corrosion issues, check the bellows if they are rotten, look for rust stains on the sides of the manifolds to see if there are water intrusion indicators, consider hiring a marine surveyor to check things out if you feel you are not up to the task, tap around on the hull for soft or dead spots suggesting water intrusion issues, check the deck for rot if its not a fiberglass deck, pull the dipstick and look at the condition of the oil and examine for water intrusion, bring a compression tester and check each cylinder for consistent compression, and generally look the boat over to get a gauge of overall care.

    Many will disagree, but if you have some skills and don't mind getting your hands dirty, I say go for it. But I'm the type who likes a deal and a project too...

    Take a look at the boat buying sticky here- https://forums.iboats.com/forum/gene...er-s-checklist
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      most likely the original manifolds have failed and taken out the motor.

      does it even turn over?

      with only 180 hours in the past 20 years, that is about 9 hours of use per year (or two outings per year). realistically, it probably had 30 hours of use each of the first 3 years, then sat for a while, then used periodically with maintenance being neglected. then about 5 years ago, it probably started running really bad as the manifolds were leaking.

      at 20 years of age, expect this to be a project boat as most of the systems are at the end of their design life.

      use the sticky at the top as a guide to what to look for.
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        These are great boats and command high prices here in the U.K. their Canadian heavy build is well suited over here usually.
        the one I know has a VP 5.7 GXI in it. I have worked on it recently. Very good fit and finish.
        also come with diesels with closed cooling.
        Would all depend on what the running issue is and price you get it for. These will go for around £30k here with a VP 5.7.