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    Well, it's a boat, alright. It looks like a US Coast Guard rescue boat? Is this a speed boat? It looks like all fiberglass inside? I asked them to sent to me a photo of the yellow capacity label. Per se, can or where put a steering wheel/helm (which by definition mean remote steering)?

    I have a 15HP tiller motor (short shaft), that should be plenty. That's if I get this boat, but what is it?

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    Google Carolina Skiff J14 remote steering and you'll see some pictures of 'em. Dunno how easy it is to reconfigure one for a console, but with enough time and money anything can be done.

    Carolina Skiff is a skiff style (shallow bottom), or flats boat. They get used along the coast quite a bit. Not a great open water boat I would think, but I've seen them in bigger bays and such.


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      Its a Carolina Skiff J14. Nothing to wonder about. Its a poor man's Boston Whaler. Better check their web site to see the transom height. My guess is that your short shaft wouldn't work.
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        Think fiberglass jon boat and you'll be close.


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          Think fiberglass jon boat and you'll be close.
          In other words... chopping rides?


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            The 16’ version is a very popular platform around here for use as a crabbing skiff. Very stable utility boat.

            Most of the 16’ are powered 25-40hp. Your 15 hp should suffice on this model

            Not a bad ride believe it or not.
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              I've seen them in use all over the southeast coast line. I can't imagine they're that horrible a ride. And a fiberglass jon boat wouldn't be a description I'd use on 'em. They're more substantive than that (though, there are some "jon" boats that I've been impressed with too).


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                To answer your questions, that boat is not a speed boat. Its what I would call a run about or a fishing boat. You can put steering and controls on any boat and any motor. When I was a younger lad I installed steering and throttle controls on my homemade boat and I'm no rocket scientist, lol.
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