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Using 2 different fabrics for a boat cover

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  • Using 2 different fabrics for a boat cover

    1997 Harris Royal Heritage 24' with a 13' hardtop. Cover over everything.
    I am wondering if using a Waterproof fabric on the top of the pontoon hardtop and then using a Water Resistant fabric on the rest would be advantageous.
    The cover would be on when boat is not in use. Michigan winter, 50" snow a year.
    Thanks, Dan

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    Just have it made out of Sunbrella it is almost water proof seal up the seams or have them sealed when its built and wash it off in the spring before you take it off, It breathes well. Its strong fact is you cant tear it unless its really sun rotted. Build supports in low areas to funnel water off but strong enough to support snow.

    I wash my boats up in the fall and cover them often put away wet but clean because its usually raining cats and dogs when I finally retire them for the year. When I open them in the spring I rarely do more than rinse the dust away fact is I didnt even rinse my big boat I threw fishing gear in it and headed to the ocean. You would have never known that it wasn’t plastic wrapped and stored inside.


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      Located near Pontiac Mi. (Waterford) and have a '99 24' boat with a hard top. We leave it "up" and don't cover it, and it's been fine for quite a few years. We do cover the boat underneath it with a winter cover. Noteworthy maybe, is that the boat winters in an area that gets quite a bit of wind. I have seen 18" of wet heavy snow up there, but it's something I try not to think of. I'd be scared to touch it!

      I'm thinking that id you did try and cover it, you're adding even more snow load unless you support it better some how. Further, the cover is not going to have much, or any, air circulation underneath it, between the skin of the hard top and the cover. The result of that lack of circulation is pretty predictable, plus, that will be the high point on the boat so it will collect moisture up there.

      Bottom line, I wouldn't cover it.


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        Ok I see that issue, cover on the hardtop. ahicks I am in Lansing. My boat is like this one. Snow load is a concern. I have been over-thinking how to store the boat. Hardtop up, hardtop down, ect. With the top down you could support the top underneath and then cover.


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          Ok, So I decided to cover the boat with the hardtop up. Is there a company that sells a cover that will accommodate the supports.