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Anyone know anything on glassmate boats

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  • Anyone know anything on glassmate boats

    there a lady thats selling me a 1981 glassmate boat
    has a mercury engine on it
    shes asking me to make an offer on it
    looks to be in Great condition
    its my first attempt to buy a boat for the family
    it looks to be like for pulling skis and inflatable tubs
    The boat has been sitting for 3 years in the garage.
    i have no idea what kind of boat it is as i have looked everywhere and i cannot find nothing on it online.
    Any info will be much apreciated

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    As with any manufacturer its all about the condition. What's the length, engine size, outboard? They check for rot.


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      Do some reading HERE. On the stern and on the title should be a Hull ID Number (HIN). The MIC code at the beginning of that number will confirm the manufacturer (if needed). After that, it's all about condition and if the boat will do what you want.

      Some photos of it might help us help you, but also some specific questions you have as well.