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1988 Dyna-trak 196 ss

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  • 1988 Dyna-trak 196 ss

    I did some work for this 1988 Dyna-Trak 196 SS boat. I know the guy well, so I trust the boat is okay.
    The boat is sitting about 60 miles from me here in INdiana...only 22 degrees right now. I went by there the other day to see it..one day job in that area...and it was ALL wrapped up in a heavy duty tarp...tied down very well...and with the weather the way it is, thought it best to just leave it protected.

    The deal was that he was having issues with the paperwork, so if all else failed he would just pay for the work.
    I wanted the boat! I saw it before the deal was made for about 5 minutes. That was a year ago, and now, finally, the paperwork is complete and the boat is mine.

    My question is...does anyone know where I can find info about this thing? not the motor, or how the boat looks from 20 feet away in a picture....but what the inside of the boat looks like...having problems remembering.

    gauges...live well (s)….storage compartments....etc. I do not even know the floor layout!

    Thanks for any info

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    Unlike automotive manuals boat manuals for any specific boat is rare. Especially for boats 32 years old. Hopefully someone will come along with some positive info for you.
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