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Outboards in or out of the water when morning long term

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    Originally posted by dingbat View Post
    What are you draining?
    The lower unit is sealed as is the motor cover.

    Not sure why I care if the heads drain completely except when the air temps go below 28 degree.

    Below that, the LU stays in the water to prevent freezing any moisture trapped in the lower unit oil. Water temps rarely if every go below 36 degrees in our area.

    Yes, thinking salt water operation. Things change a bit in that environment.
    Like most of us, pretty familiar with how cold water can get prior to freezing, but thanks for the reminder.


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      Originally posted by dingbat View Post
      if you have a nice prop, you also have a nice lock on it.
      Removing a prop from a boat in a slip is far more difficult and obvious (can’t hide) than a trailered or racked boat. Far more props disappear in parking lots than slips.

      A couple of years back, thieves took four lower units in one night from a “secured” trailer storage area.

      I am am much more comfortable leaving the boat in a slip overnight than a parking lot.

      Rack storage defeats the purpose of leaving a boat in the slip...convenience and availability.
      We live on a fresh water river, with docks and/or lifts every 150 feet or so. One Summer Saturday, my Dad and I were trolling real slow downriver and noted a dozen or so I/Os up on lifts (to keep their outdrives free from marine growth and corrosion) without outdrives! The next day there was a story in the paper about thieves that found a windfall. They took every accessible outdrive overnight in a 2 mile stretch.

      Boy I wish my mechanic had that much energy.....LOL.

      Last year we vacationed on a dock that apparently had some electric leaking into the water. After only a week my zincs looked awful and my SS prop was all corroded.

      Keep the motor up. If its going to freeze, put the boat on a trailer and drop the motor down.
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        Late season fishing/camping on the river I had water freeze up in the motor with it tilted up overnight.
        Was the first time I ever heard my overheat horn go off.
        Shut it off and left the motor down after 10 minutes all was well.
        That night left the motor down and no problems the next morning.


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          Thanks for all the input Im still a year or two out from my new boat sitting in salt water for any length of time but the question was on my mind so its answered. Ive bin in a IO for most of my life not a lot of experience with OB as a whole.


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            I have always had a I\O now own a outboard will never go back to a I\O again.


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              Gee, the correct answer is: " Tilt the gearcase all the way up. If you cannot tilt the entire gearcase out of the water, then tilt it down to allow the anodes to do their job".

              Also, if you leave the motor down for a minute or two, after it has been turned off, all the water will drain out of the powerhead. That will lessen the corrosion potential.


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                Everything I've read about my Yamahas says to tilt them out of the water when left in the water, This is also what I've seen at most of the marinas we go to here on the gulf coast