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Vintage 1977 Caravelle Tarpon

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  • Vintage 1977 Caravelle Tarpon

    Hey guys! Relatively new to the forum. Not sure if this goes here. I posted in the Caravelle forum but no response. Just maybe looking for some more info on this boat or any manuals? Thanks!

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    Hey guys! Super excited to post about this gen I just picked up! For $400 no less! It’s water ready. Motor cranks uonfirst try every time and it runs like a top on the water! I’ve began deep cleaning the inside and fixed the bent bench on the port side. The hull is pristine. Solid even in places it should be rotten. This boat was taken CARE of. The guy I bought it from didn’t have insurance and needed a tooth pulled. Just so happened he needed money and I needed a boat! Anyways. Pictures to come! I like it how it is now but any suggestions or maybe some literature on it would be fantastic. Thanks!


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        Here is the serial number on the motor. Anyone know where I can find numbers on the boat?


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          Please don't start more than one thread on the same subject - Everyone get confused.

          Just maybe looking for some more info on this boat or any manuals?
          It's a 42 year old boat. What more do you need to know? It's highly doubtful you will find any manuals for the boat. Unlike cars and truck, very few boats are built and finding a manual for an older boat is almost impossible. You could try on Facebook - There is some kind of group over there. And the Fiberglassics library may have some info.

          Manuals for the Evinrude outboard are available.

          Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
          That is what the forums are for.
          Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.


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            Oh I apologize. Noob here. Won’t happen again! Thanks for the info!


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              Numbers on the boat should be molded into the upper starboard side of the transom .
              Cool Runnings,,, Mr.88


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                Thanks for the positive response mr. 88!