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Repowering Harbercraft 14’ classic aluminum

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  • Repowering Harbercraft 14’ classic aluminum

    Hello fellow boaters,

    you’ll forgive me if I’m posting incorrectly as I realize this is in “no motors” but it is more a boat question and I am new to the forum.

    i’m looking at repowering a 2003 14’ harbercraft classic but have no plate telling me my max weight capacity or the MAX Hp rating (which is my biggest concern) and the boat did not come with a motor. Does anyone have any idea what the hp rating is for this boat or where I can find the info? I’ve had no luck tracking down this info on my own.

    All and any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Probably 5people or approx 750lb capacity (5 @150lb ppl)

    basically 4 @200lb ppl would put you over capacity. As would 6 100lb ppl...

    cant exceed either # ppl or max weight

    And 15hp max, short transom, tiller steer

    maybe 18 or 20hp if its a long shaft transom, 20in +/-, tiller steer
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      Thank you so much for the info! It is greatly appreciated!


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        Saw several for sale and all have 15hp or less.


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          I would give harborcraft a call and ask them. The manufacturer should have a record of that info.