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Just bought a new boat, what should I know?

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    Originally posted by Old Ironmaker View Post
    Pulling the drive sounds very complicated for me, happen to know about how many hours a mechanic takes/charges for that? I'm a computer guy, I can build you AI but anything mechanical is beyond me.

    A big congrats on the new Toy. You must be excited and looking forward to ice out. Based on the cold this week it may be a while Skater.

    You said; am about as mechanically challenged as a Simian. I was paying ridiculous money to winterize my OB. Once I saw it done and a few You Tube videos I have saved many hundreds DIYing. I also have been a Paddywan at a buddies shop that has gotten into boat repairs and restorations. I have been learning about I/O's and maintenance. If I can learn new tricks so can you. Winterizing should include plumbers anti-freeze in any on board water drains and supplies if applicable. That statement may be followed by a discussion of the afore mentioned step. You have plenty of time to learn as that boat is brand spanking new. The one thing I do know for certain some specialized Merc tools are required to do certain tasks, like pulling the gimbal bearing. We have had to make our own tools at times. A local Marine dealer has stopped working on Merc engines due to the specialized tools that are needed. So I have been told by that dealer. The closest Merc mechanic is a 70 minute drive for me know. As far as what to expect for an hourly cost here in southern On. they charge bit north of 100 CDN. The closer you get to the GTA the more it costs, like most things.
    Thanks, and $100 is not too bad considering it costs something like $125 for a car mechanic. I'm planning to boat closer to Ottawa than the GTA even though I live in the GTA. I might have my eye on some water front land but that's a secret for now

    Winterizing doesn't seem too hard, I could figure it out I am sure I just am not confident in my mechanical abilities and with winterizing I'd be worried that I would mess up and crack the block or something else. Far as I know new blocks are not cheap. Never had an issue with the 1970's outboards I have had since they are dead simple to do.

    I'm sure there will be work I do but as to the mechanical work on the engine and drive, might leave that to someone else unless I can get someone to show me. Maybe the mechanic I go to will show me how to do it, he's shown me lots so far.

    Merc specialized tools sucks, guess it is their way of making sure the dealers get service work.

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