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1990 bayliner Capri Cuddy

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  • 1990 bayliner Capri Cuddy

    I have this boat it has a 115 mercury 2+2 motor, I was considering getting 135 mercury for it. The boat is rated for 150 hp this would be a V6 motor. Question can boat handle motor the boat is is pretty good shape.

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    If the hull is in good condition, yes

    However you may want to check your transom

    Late 80s and early 90s bayliners were not known for exceptional quality, and short cuts in manufacturing often lead to rotten stringers and transoms within 5-10 years

    The boat you have is almost 30 years old
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      Like drill small hole in bottom of transom and see if it has water in it!


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        I know this model of boat, but never seen a 150 or a V6 on one. It likely could when new, but as mentioned check the transom. Wouldn’t be the first older boat to have the transom wrecked by the sheer torque of these big V6 motors. I knew of one that had the 115 2 stroke replaced with a 90hp heavy 4 stroke Suzuki. It was too heavy for the boat in the end.


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          Ok thanks that all I had to hear !


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            It is hard to find a mercury 115 hp engine that does not cost a ton of money ie: Optimax so looking for 2 stroke you get the 2+2 motor which is what I have. Is it worth getting a newer 2+2 motor ? I have a 1997 motor.


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              Is there something wrong with yours? Going from 115 to 135 won't make much difference performance wise.
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                The boat was not used for last two years, I winterized it both years, I found that on the last outing with the boat engine was running very rough, I know when I first got the boat it did not run that bad. I took a closer look ate the engine and found that the bolts that hold the two halves of the block together were all loose meaning they were snugged down. Ok so I went in with a torque wrench and tighten the bolts the best I could also the power head bolts were loose to the lower unit. I started the engine up and it seems to run ok on muffs. Someone was in this engine at some point so I am not sure on the future of the engine, Oh also the bottom carb had two gaskets were it mounts to the block!


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                  Since it is a Mercury motor and not one of those garbage Force ones on that Bayliner, I would be more inclined to research and fix the motor you have. A couple of loose bolts and an extra gasket would not lead me to buy a new outboard for a 30 year old boat. Just my .02


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                    Ok going to see how the motor runs, just did not like that all the bolts were loose and I do not want to be having problems on the water. There is a place called outboard exchange were they re manufacture the motors, Price for same engine is $5.880 , comes with 1 year warranty. They claim they check the block and and use new pistons these engines go for big bucks new!


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                      I would certainly have the engine checked out thoroughly before even thinking about putting 5 K into a very, very old Bayliner. It is well past it's best before date. As someone mentioned Bayliner had a terrible reputation in the late 80's. I would be more concerned about the hull and transom than a rough running engine. At least it isn't an L drive Force. I almost bought a 89 Cuddy Capri with that crap L drive Force for 15K in 89". but changed my mind, I'm glad I did. Check on the Canuck buy and sell website Kijiji (KIJIJI) for a 115HP Merc crate motor. I am positive any rebuilt 115 Merc is far less than 5 grand USD.

                      edit: I must ask what is meant by 2+2 engine. I'm in Canada, 2 countries separated by a common language.
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                        2+2 engine is a design by mercury where 2 cylinders kick in at 1800 rpm to 4 cylinders, it is supposed to save gas be more fuel efficient.


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                          Originally posted by Johnson110 View Post
                          2+2 engine is a design by mercury where 2 cylinders kick in at 1800 rpm to 4 cylinders, it is supposed to save gas be more fuel efficient.
                          Thanks. I had a 1981 Caddy Eldorado with the 4/6/8. GM recalled them and set them for 8 cylinders because of warranty claims. Fuel economy and a big block Caddy V8 just doesn't jive. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th cylinders did not like sitting idle doing 110 MPH on the throughways.
                          Experience is a lifetime of mistakes, wisdom is not making them again.